200kg/h homemade feed plant

200kg/h homemade feed plant


Suitalbe for livestock farms, making catlle sheep grass pellet feed, different grass powder content, production will also be different, the capacity can be 200kg/h.

1, can process grass powder;
2, easy to maintain, convenient to install;
3, low cost;

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Final feed pellet

a. For pig, the pellet diameter is usually ø3.5-6.5mm.
b. For cattle, the pellet diameter is usually ø4.5-8mm.
c. For chicken, pellet diameter is usually ø3.2mm.
d. For fish, pellet diameter is usuallyø2.0, ø2.5, ø3.0mm.
e. For shrimps, pellet diameter is usually ø1.0-ø3.5mm.

Pellet length is customized.


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